2022 Kickoff

If you have been following us for a while on social media, you probably know our story and how we started to attract our first clients.  I used to make one “helium” balloon every single day for almost a month and I would post it on >> Instagram << until one day someone bought it. (I say “helium” because it wasn’t helium; I would fill the balloons with air and then I would tape the balloons to the wall to give it the same effect)

That strategy of never stopping creating and learning has been a vital approach in the success of our business, especially when business is slow. Holiday season is the slowest time of the year for our local business, so I use this “down” time to create, to learn and very recently to travel.

For example, for Halloween, I created a super cute stuffed balloon with a fidget inside along with other nick nacks and took a picture of the balloon and then posted it. We sold a few pieces for $95 each. Only because I took it upon myself to create something, we generated additional $$$. Have you seen the Grinch picture we posted a few days ago? I made that garland with a few balloons left over from another job. Trust me, we have quite a few pictures we could be posting instead, but I want to create relevant, fresh content to keep our audience engaged.

My point today is to invite you to never stop investing in your business. Your business needs you to invest time and money to grow — don’t be afraid and never stop moving forward!

On another note, as a token of our appreciation, please visit WeBalloonz Academy >> to watch our FREE Christmas Tree class << which is available for a limited time – Merry Christmas!!  😀 

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