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Creating Stunning Balloon Bows: Tips from Toronto’s Balloon Expert

We’re thrilled to bring you this insightful guide straight from the heart of Toronto, Canada, where balloon art isn’t just a decoration, it’s a statement. Whether you’re a local looking for unique balloon designs for your next event or an aspiring balloon artist eager to enhance your skills, this guide is for you.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Making the Viral Balloon Bow:

Balloon bows have been making waves online, and we’ve got the inside scoop on how to make them. These bows aren’t just for show; they’re the perfect blend of elegance and whimsy, ideal for adding a special touch to any event. Let’s break down the process:

Choosing the Right Balloons:

  • We start with 9-inch balloons, inflated to about 7-8 inches. Adjust the size based on your space – bigger for large venues, smaller for intimate settings. We simply eyeball it but if you prefer to use a sizer, you can. 

Creating the Bow:

  • The technique is simpler than you might think. We use a ‘duplex’ method – two balloons tied together. Stack one duplex over another to form a cross and repeat this 35 times for each side. The 35 duplex will make a balloon bow of about 8ft from top to bottom.

Securing the Bow:

  • In our recent project, we braced the bow against the wind by securing it to the handrail of the slide leading to the ballpit.  We created 6 different attachment points, this step is crucial for outdoor events, especially in breezy Toronto weather!

Resources for Aspiring Balloon Artists:

Tutorial Videos:


WeBalloonz Tribe Coaching Program:

  • Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your balloon business, our WeBalloonz Tribe program is tailored to help you grow. With over 120 videos, we cover everything from basic techniques to advanced business strategies, including marketing, sales, and branding. Our aim is to guide you from the basics to a professional level in a matter of months, adding value to your business



Balloon art is more than just decoration; it’s about creating experiences, adding joy, and bringing people’s visions to life. If  you’re in Toronto looking for stunning balloon designs for your next event, we’re here to help you!  Aspiring artists wanting to grow your skills?, remember that persistence, creativity, and a willingness to learn are your best tools.

Thanks for joining us on this balloon art journey. Keep experimenting, keep creating, and let’s keep adding that special touch to every celebration.


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How to Create a Successful Business, Own Your Awesome, Stand Out from the Crowd,and Have Fun While Doing It!