How To Get The Most Sales on Special Days

How To Get The Most Sales on Special Days | Valentine’s Day | Mother’s Day

Here are some of my good and bad experiences while preparing for big special days such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, among others so you can learn from them: 

Don’t wait until the week of or the Friday before the special day to purchase supply! Most of the nicer balloons would have been taken by experienced and well prepared balloon babes, not like us LOL. Seriously, if you want to sell on Valentine’s Day for example, you should order your supply before the Holidays in December. Create your offer and take nice pictures early January and start promoting at the end of January and take pre-order up until one week before the big day. 

That way you’ll have time to buy last minute supplies if needed, start preparing, colours/double-stuffing, vinyl, boxes, flowers, making sure all clients have paid you, logistics of deliveries based on addresses… Trust me, if you have a good offer you will sell. 

Keep record of everything you sold; total units, total price, material used, time invested — everything! Keep it handy for the following year and you’ll be even more prepared. 

If you get a significant amount of orders, hire help! Don’t try to be a hero… you can pay $100-$200 to have someone do the simple stuff and you focus on the rest! Not only can you take on more orders and make more money but you will actually enjoy the process and you’ll have time to create content too 😉 When you’re working against the clock, you don’t even take pictures and remember that the pictures you take today will help you get the order and clients for future orders. 

If you can hire a driver for that day it will be great!  There is nothing worse than waking up at 2-3 in the morning, especially if you finished the orders, went to bed late (if at all), then had to drive like a maniac around the city,  texting and driving… Listen to your elders LOL. You, the head of the business, shouldn’t be driving on prime days.

This is a big one, unless you have a team, you shouldn’t be taking another job where you personally have to go and install… YOU WON’T HAVE TIME! You either take dozens of smaller orders, or you take your regular bigger installations, or you hire help but don’t try to do it all. 

Not enough orders?  Make a beautiful arrangement and promote it. People don’t order from you because they don’t know you. Wouldn’t it be great if clients magically pop on IG and Facebook? But it doesn’t work like that… Create a trendy, modern, high quality arrangement and post it on social media as much as possible. Send pictures to past clients, family, and friends. Partner with an influencer or local vendors.

Don’t be discouraged if you were unprepared. Now you know better for next time! There are many special days in the year: Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day,, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,  Graduations, Bridal Showers, July 1st Canada, 4th of July (US), Weddings, back to school, Canadian/US Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, NYE and more. 

Check out this easy to follow tutorial to learn how we make our balloon garlands 

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