How to increase prices to your existing clients

I hope you are having a great summer! It’s the busiest season of the year for us, plus we moved houses at the end of June and let me tell you, THAT WAS CRAZY!!!

I had a very powerful conversation last week with my Tribers!  I provided a one and half hour answer to one of our member’s questions: “How do I increase the price to my existing clients?”

You and I know the answer to this question is very simple, just increase it! But we make up stories in our head, and we make it difficult. (Some quick answers below if you are in the same situation)

  • Cost of Material has increased
  • Balloon shortages obligate you to source balloons from overseas, so you are now paying shipping and customs fees
  • You were penetrating the market and building your portfolio and clientele
  • You are now a more experienced artist and will produce higher quality of work

From my own experience, the thought of charging more would make me sick… I thought nobody would ever buy from us again. This was my belief; it was only in my head.  Three years later, I can tell you it wasn’t true. In fact, our business continues to grow year over year, and every year, just like everyone else’s, our prices go up.

Some popular beliefs are:  “That money doesn’t grow on trees.”  “You must work hard to make money.” “People are not going to pay that much for balloons.” “The market is too saturated.” “There is too much competition in my community/city” … And most probably you are struggling with one of these beliefs yourself.

Here is what I say to myself: “Money flows my way easily and abundantly.” “I have clients who value my time and the quality of my work.” “More competition means more demand and more business for me.” The higher my prices, the more exclusive I will be” …

Let me tell you, if you continue to have limited beliefs about money and hope to build a profitable business, it’s going to be a very long road.

When you understand that you are deserving of a better and brighter future, your life will change. You will never again be afraid or hesitant of charging for your time and experience instead of cost of material and labour

The house we moved to… Yes, it’s 100% Income from WeBalloonz. I know so many other artists that are wildly successful too and I want to remind you that it’s possible for you too!! Your business is a reflection of your thoughts, not just how hard you work… remember that!!



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How to Create a Successful Business, Own Your Awesome, Stand Out from the Crowd,and Have Fun While Doing It!