How We Got Our First Paying Client: And How You Can Get Yours


If you have been following us for a while on social media, you probably know our story and how we started to attract our first clients.  I used to make one “helium” balloon every single day for almost a month and I would post it on >> Instagram << until one day someone bought it. (I say “helium” because it wasn’t helium; I would fill the balloons with air and then I would tape the balloons to the wall to give it the same effect)

That strategy of never stopping creating and learning has been a vital approach in the success of our business, especially when business is slow.  I have different projects now so my priorities have shifted to help balloon artists or aspiring balloon artists to start successful balloon businesses like mine. 

My goal is to inspire you and to give you resources to achieve your goals so I have to start by telling you how I started and if any of this resonates with you, then you too can take the same approach. 

If you’re starting your business, aim to work on one single project every day until you feel confident enough to sell it. I “helium” balloons for about one month until somebody other than my mom bought it. 

If you’re already in the business, I encourage you to create new and relevant content even if you don’t have a paying client. You can reach out to our store near you (a store your ideal client would visit) and offer them to create a nice display for Easter, for example. It’s good content you can post on social media and at the same time, a simple and effective marketing technique, as those clients will get the opportunity to appreciate your work in person

You can do the same thing with photographers. Many photographers offer mini sessions to their clients and they tend to decorate for the season. Reach out to a local photographer that serves the type of client you want to serve and offer a backdrop he/she can use for his pictures in exchange for professional pictures and sharing your contact with his clients

If you’re serious about your business, I encourage you to never stop investing! Sometimes, like in these cases you will invest time and sometimes you will invest money when the time comes that you want to elevate your work so you can scale your business.

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