Balloon Hoop Workshop

Balloon Hoop Workshop


Balloon Hoop Workshop



Duration 30 min
Price: $99 USD
Access: 30 days


One of the hottest and newest decor trends today is the Balloon Hoop. In this class you will learn how to make a perfectly rounded hoop that you will add to your portfolio to give your clients different and modern options.

There is no prior balloon experience required to join this class.  We break it down in simple steps easy to follow by anyone who wants to create this masterpiece.

You will also learn:

You will learn it all!  What balloons we use, what specific size balloon is recommended for this design, the strategic placement of the balloons to get it perfect. As a bonus, you will learn how we make our small confetti balloons!

We provide you a list of materials and suppliers for absolutely everything we use in this class.


Have fun creating!

Balloon Workshop