Welcome all to “WeBalloonz Tribe”!!! LEARN ALL MY TIPS & TRICKS WeBalloonz Tribe private Facebook group!

Balloon Workshop

Welcome all to WeBalloonz Tribe!!!

WeBalloonz Tribe is a monthly subscription that provides balloon artists coaching by WeBalloonz with techniques and strategies on how they can grow a profitable balloon business.

After almost 2 years into our journey of teaching in person as well as our online tutorials, we have come to the realization that technique is only a small portion of what is required to run a successful business. 

During our classes, you learn what is needed to elevate the look of your craft and how to take your business to the next level. You are not only learning the techniques required to create beautiful masterpieces, but you also find the encouragement and support from WeBalloonz, letting you know it is all possible for you.

When you are in this amazing balloons business, whether you’ve taken a class with WeBalloonz or not, you will face obstacles such as not implementing the techniques from class or not having a good technique at all, challenging spaces, difficult and/or irate customers, undervaluing your work and little to no traction on social media among others…

People will look at these obstacles and can get easily discouraged and at worse case, give up their dream of entrepreneurship.

BUT… what if you were in an environment built for success? … What if you have WeBalloonz by your side?… What if you have the support of fellow business-like individuals who utterly understand the struggle and will make you accountable for growth? This can make a world of difference.

You heard us talking about it and now we are going to give each and everyone of you the opportunity to be successful and remain successful with monthly coaching

Your WeBalloonz Tribe membership will include:

  • Rewire your Mindset with WeBalloonz founder, Alex
    •  Success is nothing more than a simple mindset shift and new perspective! Think bigger and Act!
  • Social Media Strategy
    • Instagram has always been a vital piece in our business. We will share what works best and how you can implement it to grow your business.
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Taking pretty pictures and having a beautiful, curated feed is not enough.  We will teach you how to offer your services to the right people and at the right time to maximize your sales opportunities.
  • Feedback sessions
    •  Members will have the opportunity to share their work so we all can make suggestions and recommendations.


WeBalloonz Tribe offers unbelievably valuable classes that will help you improve your overall technique. By being a member of WeBalloonz Tribe, you will benefit receiving a 10%  off discounts for classes in the academy.

You can join Tribe for the low cost of $45 /month. That’s right, selling one customized balloons a month will cover the cost of your membership. 

Access to the community and most of our meetings happened inside our private FaceBook group so you are required to have an active FaceBook account

Here’s to think bigger and to grow a profitable balloon business together!

WeBalloonz Tribe 

Balloon Workshop

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