What went wrong on Mother’s Day?


I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

Now that Mother’s Day is over, here are a few tips that will help you prepare better for the next holiday:

  • How much revenue did you generate? Do you know or keep a record of your profit so you can come up with sales targets for your next holiday? Write down how much money you made and how many items you sold.  
  • Did you turn down customers because you were fully booked? Order double the supply for next time. Also, you can come up with a small, pick up arrangement for last minute clients (most procrastinators will buy whatever you have left) If you don’t sell it, gift it to an influencer in your area.
  • Extremely burned down and no sleep? Hire some help next time, especially a driver that can take care of your deliveries for you. YOU, the head of the business, shouldn’t be driving around on prime days. Start your vinyl and tassels a week earlier, inflate all of your balloons a few days before… there is so much you can do in advance.
  • Other big jobs the same weekend? When prepping for busy weekends try to book people for the day prior, E.I. for events on Friday (if indoors only) do the installation on Thursday, for events on Saturday, do them on Friday … and so on. This may not be possible with all the jobs but even with 1 or 2 jobs you are gaining 3-6 hours.  
  • Not enough orders?  Make a beautiful arrangement and promote it. I remember when I started, I was always waiting for clients to come to me. Wouldn’t that be great? But it doesn’t always work like that… Create a trendy, modern, high quality arrangement and post it on social media as much as possible. Send pictures to past clients, family, and friends. Partner with an influencer or local vendors.

Don’t be discouraged if you were unprepared, now you know better for next time! There are many other celebrations in the summer months you can prepare for such as Graduations, Bridal Showers and Weddings. Many of those events, especially with COVID, will be held outdoors.

If you are terrified of outdoor installations because you don’t know how to effectively work on brick, stone, stucco, wood, balloons popping all over, strong winds and so many other challenges,  join me on Sunday May 16th for our outdoor class where you will learn how to handle outdoor installations like a PRO 😊

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