Balloon N Streamers Workshop

Balloon N Streamers Workshop



Duration 3 hr
Price: $249 usd
Access : 15 days


We will create a modern, unique, and fun balloon display ideal for kids, teens or even adults taking it back to the 80’s.  It can be easily adjusted to fit a different theme just by changing the colours and accent balloons.

For the first time, we will add streamers to our design and of course we will teach you how to make them and how to install them in a practical way. 

You will also learn:

  • How to build a solid base, easy to install
  • How to use different balloon sizes to make your balloon garlands stand out 
  • How to best design a balloon garland to get a beautiful shape 
  • The best use of colours and how to create modern colours yourself 
  • How to make the garland look fuller, lush, and modern 
  • Different techniques to install balloon garlands depending on the surface or venue restrictions
  • Easy technique to add accent balloons (mainly foils) 
  • Materials, tools, and suppliers used and recommended by WeBalloonz 
  • Pricing for beginners and practical pricing structure used by WeBalloonz 
  • Access to the class for 15 days


Have fun creating!

Balloon Workshop