Helium Class

Helium Class



WeBalloonz’ Best Sellers – Helium Class
Duration: 2hrs 20 min
Price: $99 USD
Access: 30 days


We took WeBalloonz’ most popular bouquets and gave them a Halloween twist just to demonstrate how simple and versatile it can be to use the same bouquet for different occasions. 

This class will teach you valuable techniques to work with helium balloons whether you are just starting in this business or If you already do balloons.

You will learn how to make a Deco Bubble balloon (clear balloon) filled with mini balloons and how to properly seal it (tie it) so the vinyl last longer – We sell a few of these balloons every single weekend. This alone is worth taking the class! It took us almost 2 years to perfect these and you can learn it today!  

Also, in this class we will go over the following items: 

  • A list of tools and materials as well as suppliers we use. The list will also be provided.
  • Hi-float, what is it and how to use it properly?
  • How to accessorize your balloons with tassels and mini clusters
  • How to inflate and tie 11” balloons efficiently and how to make a simple bouquet 
  • Tricks on working with big balloons to save on helium. 
  • How to create a Luxurious Bouquet (we call it the Luxe)
  • How to create a bouquet with an elaborated base to create a beautiful but inexpensive and profitable arrangement


Have fun creating!

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