Duration 2.5 hr
Price: $99 usd
Access : 30 days


There are different techniques to make different balloon arrangements and as we become more entertained by the things we see on social media we tend to get more creative with our products. As a professional, I constantly invest in my own development, so you always receive the best options in terms of looks and efficiency.

Our Hot Air Balloon is one of the most beautiful and popular photo props at WeBalloonz, specially for spring/summer first birthdays.  We’ll teach you how to make it from scratch by utilizing a box or a cute basket based on your client’s vision.

There is a cool technique I learned last year but the colours that could be used were limited and we all know, our business is driven by colour trends.  With our technique, you will have the flexibility to use plain or double-stuffed balloons! We’ll teach you beautiful combinations of double-stuffed balloons and show you how to distribute your colours to give your work of art the perfect touch.

Join us and together we’ll create a stunning Easter inspired Hot Air Balloon.

Have fun creating!


Balloon Workshop