How to Price Your Art

How to Price Your Art



Online Workshop

Duration 2 hr
Price: $149 USD
Access: 45 days


Pricing strategy for your small balloon business will set the standard for your product and service in the marketplace, and let me just say there’s way more to it than just the cost of materials.

Balloon artists often make the mistake of setting their pricing strategy to match the lowest-priced provider in the market.  Offering the lowest price is not a strong or sound long term strategy for small businesses as it invites customers to see your product as a commodity and obscures the value of your product…I mean, Art!

During this class you will learn:

  • Picking a price model and sticking with it: Fixed price vs $/Per Foot
  • What your price includes
  • How to charge for your time
  • Recommended technique for new artists to charge
  • Selling the right product to the right client
  • How to handle competitors
  • Delivery fees, how to charge?
  • How to overcome the fear of charging “too much” and more

Let’s double your business!

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