Organic Tower Free Class

Organic Tower Free Class



Organic Tower Free Class
Date: Immediate Access
Duration: 35 min
Access: 15 Days
Price: Free


We created a simple balloon tower and transformed it into a beautiful organic, floral masterpiece.  I took the time to record the process and it is yours for free! 

Additionally, you will receive an exclusive offer to join our next LIVE workshop on PRICING! 

This and more, you will learn in the PRICING class:

  • Picking a price model and sticking with it: Fixed price vs $/Per Foot
  • What your price includes
  • How to charge for your time
  • Recommended technique for new artists to charge
  • Selling the right product to the right client
  • How to handle competitors
  • Delivery fees, how to charge?
  • How to overcome the fear of charging “too much” 

Let’s double your business in 2021!

Balloon Workshop