Outdoor Balloon Garland

Outdoor Balloon Garland



Duration 4 HR
Price: $349 USD
Access: 45 days


Outdoor setups are hands down one of the most difficult installations for balloon artists. Every surface is different and learning how to work on brick, stone, wood, and other types of surfaces is invaluable knowledge.  During this class you will learn just that.

You will also learn:

  • How to build a balloon base quickly.
  • How to use different balloon sizes to make your balloon garlands stand out.
  • Different balloon brands we like and recommend.
    • Different techniques to secure the garland on windy days.
    • How to best design a balloon garland to obtain a beautiful shape.
    • How to properly inflate balloons for outdoor applications and prevent them from popping easily.
  • How to make the garland look fuller, lush, and modern
  • Easy technique to add accent balloons (mainly foils)
  • Materials, tools, and suppliers used and recommended by WeBalloonz
  • Pricing structure for outdoor balloon garlands.
  • All questions regarding this project will be answered LIVE
  • Access to the recording for 45 days for you to watch as many times as you’d like

See you in class

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