Thanksgiving Balloon Wall

Thanksgiving Balloon Wall



Wednesday Oct 7th @ 1:00PM  EST
Duration 3 hr
Price: $279 USD
Access: 30 days


We asked our audience what they wanted to learn in our next online class and the grand majority voted for our Balloon Wall.

Balloon walls are one of the most diverse options as you do not need to depend on any existing structures or walls to create a masterpiece.  It is a beautiful way to give weddings and corporate events a “WOW factor”, although it can also “WOW” any other type of elegant event.

Ballooners around the globe utilize different techniques to install balloon walls and we are ready to share ours.

You will also learn:

  • How to install a balloon wall with or without a backdrop
  • The types of backdrops that can be used
  • How to use different balloon sizes to make your balloon wall stand out
  • The best use of colours and how to create modern colours yourself
  • How to make an ORGANIC balloon wall with a modern twist
  • Easy techniques to add accent balloons (mainly foils)
  • What materials, tools and suppliers are used and recommended by WeBalloonz
  • Pricing for beginners and the practical pricing structure used by WeBalloonz

You will also have unlimited access to the recording for 15 days which will allow you to watch the class as many times as you would like or need to.


Have fun creating!

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