WeBalloonz in NYC

WeBalloonz in NYC



Tuesday, December 21st, 2021
All Day Training
Price: $549 USD
Limited Spots


WeBalloonz has been in the balloon business for 4.5 years and have been teaching in-person and online for over 2 years. We now have the opportunity to come to NYC and share in person with YOU everything that has helped us  run a very successful business.  Our teaching style is based on being as efficient and detailed as possible, so you can book more clients and make more profit.
The class we’ll be mainly in English (if majority of students speak only English)  Mario and I (Alex)  are proud Colombians and Spanish is our first language so we’ll be happy to translate the most relevant details and we can also clarify anything you need us to.
La clase sera conducida mayormente en Ingles (si la mayoria de los estudiantes hablan solo Ingles)  Mario y yo (Alex) somos orgullosamente Colombianos y nuestro primer idioma es Español y con todo gusto vamos a traducir los temas mas importantes y cualquier pregunta que tengan.
Prepare your hearts to be with us. Arrive at 8:00 have a coffee with us and we’ll start at sharp at 9:00am to 6pm (we may go over a little 😉). We want to make sure we cover the most important aspects so you learn as much as possible from us and our style. 
Join us and together we’ll create a dreamy Christmas display You will be able to replicate for any other time of the year
You will also learn: 
  • Material and Tools required for an installation
  • How to use different balloon sizes and brands to make your balloon garlands stand out
  • How to best design a balloon garland to get a beautiful shape, regardless of the space
  • Techniques for various designs 
  • The best use of colors and how to create trendy colors yourself
  • How to make the garland look fuller, lush, and modish
  • Easy techniques to add floral and pampas to your designs
  • Practical pricing structure used by WeBalloonz
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Breakfast and Lunch are included
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 
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