5 Resources to Help You Run Your Balloon Business Easier

5 Resources to Help You Run Your Balloon Business Easier

I get it! We make it look easy but running a balloon business with small kids and trying to accomplish one million other things is not easy!

If you’ve ever taken a class with me in the past, you know efficiency is at the core of my business. Avoiding unnecessary steps like having a client fill out a 20-question inquiry form firsthand without even knowing if you’re available. Or, as a balloon artist, creating 60-90 minute mock-ups for clients that haven’t booked; to me that’s nuts but we can talk about that in a future article. 

The point is, we’re are all pretty busy in our day-to-day and adding tasks that don’t generate revenue doesn’t sound very strategic. 

I consider myself very good at a great number of things but technology is not one of them. I’m one of those who prefer to do it the hard way before trying something new, especially if I have to keep track of one more password… but seriously, I struggle. So when I tell you that these 5 apps make my job (life)  easier, and that they are super simple to use, I mean it! 

Here they are!

  1. Some people love CapCut but I am team InShot to edit all of my videos. It has all of the features I use and more. I know there is a free version, we pay $18.49 /year … Honestly, I would pay for anything that makes my life easier. 
  1. Meta Business Suite (Previously known as Creator Studio): If you don’t use it, you’re missing out.  This is an app by Meta (Facebook and Instagram) that allows you to answer all of your Facebook and Instagram DMs as well as comments, all from one page, you can schedule your posts, manage leads and a bunch of other cool marketing features. 
  1. Captions (New): Have you seen those big influencers that get captions on all of their videos with animations and colors, making the videos super engaging?. This is it! I don’t use as many captions but when I do, this app works great and this one is free
  1. Canva: I don’t know if there is anyone out there that doesn’t use Canva but I do almost everything on Canva for a lot of projects on YouTube, Pinterest and our Blog. I also use it to create some marketing material. The free version is great but some features require an upgrade.
  1. The last one I want to share with you today is Hushed. This is an app I use to get an alternative phone number for my business so I don’t have to get a second phone and yes it can be used to get a WhatsApp Business account too! I have this second phone number listed everywhere. We don’t invite people to call, but direct them to our website or WhatsApp so we don’t get a ton of calls. However, when we do they come through Hushed.  The fact that I can use Whatsapp Business without sharing my personal number is what I love the most. 

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