DIY Teddy Bear Balloon Centrepieces 4/4/23

DIY Teddy Bear Balloon Centrepieces | Baby Shower Balloons | Balloon Clouds | Topiary Balloons

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In this video, we share our step by step process of how to make a beautiful teddy bear balloon center piece. This is perfect for first birthdays and most commonly used for gender reveals. Stay until the end because we went above and beyond with this video, we broke down the cost and we share how to charge for these.

Materials used:

Tile of your choice – you could use 2 tiles to make it heavier if needed. You can also use the base of a table lamp but keep in mind that the cost will increase.

Maxi cups and maxi sticks can be found at your local wholesale balloon supplier.

Balloon Colours for today’s Topiary (balloon centerpiece)- Qualatex white over Qualatex pale blue, Gemar brown and Gemar blush over Gemar brown – Total of 16 balloons per centerpiece.

Balloon Cloud – 2 x 9” balloons – 4 x 5” quad and 4 x mini quads

Hot glue and a few Q260

Teddy Bear is from Amazon

Small inflator perfect for double stuffed 5″ balloons Lagenda B231 Portable

About 4 hours, patience and love 😍

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