Meet Alex

Hello Friend!

There are two main reasons that brought you here: You recently started, or you are thinking of starting your own balloon business OR you’re ready to take your existing business to the next level. In either case, Congratulations! This is the most amazing, rewarding and fulfilling journey. It can be a bumpy one but not for you because we are here to help you!   

My husband Mario and I (Alex) have been married for 10 years and we have been blessed with two amazing kids Valentina and Daniel.  For a long time, we had a dream of building our own busines, to have time flexibility for our kids but we could not find the right fit for us…  One day, I saw one customized balloon on Instagram and that was it, love at first sight! 

There was not really anyone teaching this beautiful art, so I had to educate myself through trial and error… We have been very successful from the very beginning, but I am not going to lie, there has been some pretty scary moments and big lessons learned along the way.

For that reason, we decided to share our knowledge and experience. Over the last year we’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of balloon artist to build the foundation to create balloon masterpieces that have enable them to grow their businesses.  Now is your turn! 

Become your own BALLOON BOSS!

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