Design Space WeBalloonz Special

Design Space WeBalloonz Special

Design Space WeBalloonz Special



Duration 1.5 hr
Price: $79 usd
Access : 30 days


Our ideal clients, mostly women, are looking for unique items to create beautiful and meaningful memories and let us be honest… Instagramable Pictures

The bubble balloon is one of the most popular WeBalloonz products and we passionately believe that the way we design the text and the details  are the key to our success.

If you are new to the balloon business and you want to start offering customized balloons, this is a must watch video!  This is exactly what we do — I wished there were videos like this one when we began our journey!

If you already make personalized balloons and you struggle with how to position the text or how to design pretty and fancy fonts, this class is for you too!

The program used for this class is cricut design space – if you own a cricut you already have this program. if you own a different cutter machine, the step by step information may not be relevant to the design program you use. however, you will find value in the steps we outline for a nice design and as most machines are similar, you will be able to apply what you learn using your own machine

You will also learn:

  • Basic design guidelines for cohesive and modern designs
  • How to incorporate new and trendy fonts
  • How to use special characters of some fonts
  • How to incorporate images to your design
  • How to make unique designs, specially for children
  • Tips on how to save material and time
  • Different materials used by WeBalloonz

After the theory we’ll demonstrate how to place the letters on the balloon but more than that we’ll share one full project we like to call Nonna Bouquet


Have fun creating!


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